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In this article, we’ll show you how to configure monitoring of a standalone VMware ESXi host with Zabbix. On ESXi, you cannot install zabbix-agent to enable classic monitoring. However, Zabbix can use SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) to communicate with ESXi using XML-RPC format messages.

Create a separate Zabbix user on the ESXi host with Read-Only permissions.

There are several options available in Zabbix for VMware ESXi:

# cat /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf | grep VMware
  • StartVMwareCollectors =3
  • VMwareFrequency = 60
  • VMwarePerfFrequency = 60
  • VMwareCacheSize = 32M
  • VMwareTimeout=120

Enable these options and restart Zabbix:

# systemctl restart zabbix-server.service

Check that VMware support is now enabled in Zabbix:

# cat /var/log/zabbix/zabbix_server.log | grep vmware

VMware monitoring: YES

Get the UUID of your ESXi host. To do this, in the advanced settings of the ESXi host, enable the option Config.HostAgent.plugins.solo.enableMob = True (Enables or disables the Debug Managed Object Browser for the ESXi host)

enable Config.HostAgent.plugins.solo.enableMob option on ESXi

Go to web page https://your_esxi_host/mob/?moid=ha-host&doPath=hardware.systemInfo

Copy the UUID value.

get vmware esxi host UUID

Or, to get the UUID, you can connect to ESXi using SSH and run the command:

vim-cmd hostsvc/hostsummary | grep uuid

Now download the zabbix template for VMware ESXi (TEMPLATE – VMWARE – STANDALONE ESXI HOST.xml) and import it Configuration -> Templates -> Import.

import vmware standalone host template to zabbix

Now you can add an ESXi host to Zabbix. Specify UUID as hostname, specify the host IP address, select Zabbix template.

On the Macros tab, fill in the fields:

{$URL} = https://ESXI_SERVER_IP/sdk/
{$UUID} = set your UUID
{$USERNAME} = ESXi zabbix user Login
{$PASSWORD} = ESxi zabbix user Password

add vmware esxi host to zabbix

Go to Monitoring -> Latest data tab. After 10-15 minutes, metrics from your ESXi host should appear here.

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