Stop Receiving Reminders from Deleted Calendar in Outlook

Some people find that they still get popup reminders for some events even after they have deleted some events from their Outlook calendar, or even after removing the entire calendar. The problem occurs with deleted and canceled meetings in the Outlook desktop client when you have mailboxes hosted on the Exchange Server orĀ  Microsoft 365.

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Outlook Keep Asking for Microsoft Account Password

Outlook may prompt you to enter your Microsoft Account (Office 365) credentials when you try to create a new mail profile or open a configured mailbox. This happens in all modern Outlook 2021/2019/2016 and Outlook Microsoft 365 versions. The fact is that Direct Connect to Office 365 is enabled by default in Outlook. This feature is designed to simplify and speed up the process of connecting to a mailbox hosted on Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online).

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Expanding Email Distribution Groups (Lists) in Outlook

When you select an Exchange distribution group as a recipient in Outlook, you should see a + sign to the right of the group’s display name. If you click on it, you’ll expand the distribution group and see a list of its members.

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How to Change the Language of Default Mailbox Folders in Outlook?

By default, mailbox folder names in Outlook (Inbox, Sent Items, Calendar, Contacts, etc.) correspond to the Outlook regional (language) settings of the computer where the mailbox was first connected. If you have Outlook with the French localization installed on your computer, all default Outlook folders will be named in French.

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Postfix: Using Microsoft 365 as SMTP Relay

Postfix mail server is available in almost all Linux distributions. You can use it as a simple relay (smart host) to send email messages from your local network to user mailboxes and forward email queues to SMTP servers outside your organization. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up an SMTP relay for Microsoft 365 (Office 365, Exchange Online) with postfix on Linux (using Ubuntu/Debian as an example).

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