Removing ‘Manufacture Programming Mode is in Unlock’ on HP Laptop / Windows / Removing ‘Manufacture Programming Mode is in Unlock’ on HP Laptop

After replacing the motherboard or updating BIOS firmware (flashing) on HP laptops using the HP BIOS Configuration Utility, a message may appear each time the computer boots after the POST stage:

Manufacture Programming Mode is in Unlock Mode

System is booting in manufacturing program mode


Manufacturing programming mode is set to unlocked

The user must press the function key on the keyboard to continue booting the operating system. Without it, the operating system will not boot.

HP laptop message - Manufacture Programming Mode is in Unlock Mode

Manufacturing Mode is a special BIOS mode on HP and Dell machines used by manufacturers to quickly upload/update firmware. For devices to be shipped to consumers, the production mode is set to Lock. Therefore, if you have flashed the BIOS or replaced the motherboard, this could reset the manufacturing mode back to unlocked mode.

Let’s look at how to disable manufacturing mode on HP devices using the HP BIOS Configuration Utility (BCU).

The latest HP BIOS Configuration Utility for Windows is available for download from this link:

The current release of BCU is for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7 (XP not supported) from 12.08.2022 (sp143621.exe).

The BCU utility is used to deploy standard configuration files with HP BIOS settings to computers in a corporate environment. The BCU uses a separate HP WMI class (root\HP\InstrumentedBIOS namespace) for flashing BIOS settings.

Download, run, and extract sp143621.exe to a local directory the default directory is C:\SWSetup\SP143621).

install HP BIOS Configuration Utility

To remove this annoying message from your HP device, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt as Administrator and change to the directory where you extracted the BCU files. In our example, this is C:\SWSetup\SP143621 (Previous versions of BCU were installed by default to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\BIOS Configuration Utility”)
    cd c:\SWSetup\SP143621
  2. I will use BiosConfigUtility64.exe to configure the BIOS because my computer is running Windows 10 x64;
  3. To get the current HP BIOS configuration and export it to a text file, run the command:

    A message should appear:
    SUCCESS msg='No errors occurred'
    BiosConfigUtility64.exe export HP BIOS configuration

  4. Don’t close the CMD prompt window;
  5. Open the config.txt file with Notepad:
    notepad.exe config.txt
  6. Replace the strings:
    Manufacturing Programming Mode


    Manufacturing Programming Mode

    remove Manufacturing Programming Mode lock on hp laptop

  7. Save the file and apply the changes to the BIOS:

    A message will appear in the console that the value of the Manufacturing Programming Mode parameter will be changed from Unlock (OLDVALUE) to Lock (NEWVALUE).
    hp bcu apply bios config file

You will need to restart your HP device for the new settings to take effect.

Production programming mode unlock no longer appears on the HP laptop screen when booting.

4 thoughts on “Removing ‘Manufacture Programming Mode is in Unlock’ on HP Laptop”
  1. this command is not working please explain: Open a command prompt and change directory:
    cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\BIOS Configuration Utility” after installing hp bios configuration utility

  2. Hi, wonder if you know what can be causing me a following issue:

    I have Z840 Motherboard. It is booting to Manufacturing Programming Mode with the reboot counter stuck at 2. I missing Build ID and the HP part finder doesn’t recognize the motherboard’s S/N. I followed your solution and I have the right output from the BCU telling m that the changes have been made and that I need to reboot. When I reboot and run the getconfig it shows exactly the same settings as before the reboot. I played with it and changed the MPM counter to 5 and I could see this was applied but the system just rebooted itself 3 times until it got down to 2 before letting me to boot past BIOS. I also tried to change MPM Lock Readiness from *Not Ready to Ready. No idea what it would do but this change also was reverted on reboot. I’m lost, is there anything I may be doing wrong?

  3. Sir i have the same issue regarding MPM after changing the hp motherboard the MPM popup is in unlock mode, I have installed sp143621 but it’s not working the driver. Despite of this my win 10 os in legacy mode plz do a suggestion to rectify it

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