Enable Nested Virtualization in Proxmox Virtual Machine

Nested virtualization allows you to run other hypervisors in a virtual machine. In this article, we will look at how to enable nested virtualization in Proxmox VE for Intel and AMD processors.

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Configure OpenVPN Authentication via LDAP (Active Directory)

By default, OpenVPN certificates are used to authenticate users. This means, that any user who has a *.ovpn file with connection settings and certificates can connect to your OpenVPN server. In OpenVPN, you can enable and configure user authentication through an LDAP server (Active Directory or FreeIPA).

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How to Improve OpenVPN Performance and Throughput?

One of the significant disadvantages of OpenVPN is its rather poor performance. This is especially noticeable at link speeds of 100+ megabits. In most cases, the performance of an OpenVPN tunnel is dependent on the chosen encryption method, its complexity, and buffer sizes.

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